About Me

I happened to stumble across cryptocurrencies (specifically Ripple) back in 2017, I got involved with trading some alt coins and have been hooked ever since. I threw some money at Bitcoin and made a lot of money off of it like most people did back then but… I also lost most of it after the dust settled back in early 2018. I guess the saying is true “Easy come, easy go.”

Luckily I didn’t lose more than I invested and even managed to keep some profits, I was motivated to try and sustain a living solely from trading cryptocurrencies but realized it would be harder than expected but I persevered and continued to try and learn as much as I could about Technical Analysis (TA). Fast forward two years, I’m still working towards my original goal and I’m starting to see some results but there’s plenty of room for improvement.

I’ve decided to document my learning experience with all of you and this blog serves as a way to keep you guys updated on the trades I’m looking at, some fundamental information and whatever else I think would be entertaining to read so long as it relates to cryptocurrencies, I might add some other topics to the blog down the road but for now it’ll be all about crypto.

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Contact Me: cryptotradejournal@gmail.com