What Is Decent.Bet?

DECENT.bet is just one of the many Blockchain based projects operating in the online gambling and betting market, offering straightforward gambling services such as Sports betting, space machines, roulette’s and many more. With the initial coin offering of this project being conducted on September 23, 2018, the projects main aim is to give users a chance to hedge their bets by taking the house’s side. Users earn a cut of the benefits created by the gambling platform whenever the house wins.

Features of The Project:

The E-sports industry has always been an overlooked sector of the gaming industry, with Blockchain technology only recently starting to embrace it. DECENT.bet. DECENT.bet brings some very rich and useful features with their product, with main features being explained in brief below.

  1. The PlayDECENT.gg Mainnet: The PlayDECENT.gg Mainnet will allow any user to bet and play some of the major e-sports titles currently in circulation. This includes projects such as Dota 2, Hearthstone, Fortnite, PUBG and the super anticipated Apex: Legends Game.
  2. Slots (No bet on bet): DECENT.bet slot machines are available for users. One lucky winner will get a reward after a monthly drawing. This amount will be paid in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The program is set to continue till July 1, 2019.
  3. E-sports Betting: DECENT.bet users can also place bets on Esports by using the DECENT.bet betting market.
  4. P2P Betting: This relates to the P2P prediction market, where users will be able to bet against each other on some specially selected markets.
  5. Sports Book: Here users will be able to take part in sports betting, with options for multiple sports including basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, and American Football.
  6. The DBET Foundation: The main platform which facilitates gaming for everyone.
  7. White label Solution: Decent. Bet’s White label solution will be offered to other large brands, who can, in turn, create their own houses utilizing custom lines and feeds.
  8. Charity: DECENT.bet has a charity branch called Decent.C, which works with some of the major worldwide charities and related agencies. All charitable donations done on the platform will be transparent and registered, harnessing the power of Blockchain for complete transparency.

How Does it Work

DECENT.bet recently launched the Decentbet 2.0 platform, which focuses more on gaming along with the features. The details of this platform are properly explained in their official whitepaper. To understand how the DECENT.bet platform works, each aspect has to be explained separately.

  1. The Gaming Ecosystem: The Gaming ecosystem is further subdivided into two lobbies: The Traditional Casino and Community Designed Gaming:
  2. The Traditional Casino lobby consists of slots, card games, sports books etc, which is touted as the foundation for the entire DECENT.bet ecosystem.
  3. The Community Designed Gaming Lobby, on the other hand, is born out of the creativity provided by the gaming design library feature. Users can now easily create their own decentralised peer to peer betting games with social interaction, along with casino rooms, games etc.
  4. The Game Design Library: DECENT.bet provides users with a robust game design library which also includes a third-party marketplace for developers to add their content. The game library will work in the following ways:
    1. Developers can now log into the platform and access the library to start designing games.
    2. Content can be created and uploaded to the specific library according to the nature of the content (Sounds, or images or skins etc.)
    3. The game designs can be saved in the game design library by the developers, which will be accessible in the marketplace. Other developers can now use the content to create their own games. For instance, a developer can create a game, using skins, sounds, images or codes which have been created by other developers.  This feature eliminates the need for creating content from scratch every time they work on a game.

UseCases of DECENT.bet

The obvious use cases of DECENT.bet include the e-sports gaming market using its native token, DBET, DBET tokens are additionally used to:

  • Purchase DBET house credits
  • Purchase Custom Houses
  • Purchase Lottery Tickets
  • Place Bets on Sports.

The House

The House refers to the DECENT.bet community, which is run by DECENT.bet. It controls the settlement of bets, KYC AML procedures and a host of other functions.

  • The “Be the House” Concept: Under the “Be the house” concepts, the DECENT.bet community can still back specific wagers, games or sessions, using their own determined time and risk. Users can potentially earn passive income if they take part in such three-month house sessions.
  • The “Build the House” Concept: Developers with a new concept can be assisted by the myriad of tools and other components in place.

DBET Credits

DBET is the native token of the DECENT.bet platform, which is essentially an ERC-20 compliant token. It is used exclusively to run certain services on the platform such as DBET house credits, lottery tickets and gambling credits. During crowd-sale, participants were allotted 70% of the tokens with the remaining being minted and kept as a time-locked fund withdraw-able after one year.

Concluding Thoughts

DECENT.bet which is run by a team of experienced professionals and developers, is headed by CEO Jedidiah Taylor. With several promising perks, the platform is on its way towards attracting a large number of potential users. Key features like profiting as shareholders along with the transparency make it an attractive investment vehicle for investors. Currently the project has only 8 markets across different exchanges such as HitBTC, LA Token, OCeanEx and YoBit. With plans to migrate to the VeChain Blockchain later, DECENT.bet is definitely a project to keep an eye on.

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