Agrello (DLT) What Is It?

Agrello (DLT) What Is It?

The world is changing rapidly, and technological advancements are becoming better each day. With blockchain technology, smart contracts have played a significant role in the transfer of information. Today, we can share and rent almost everything because smart contracts are taking the lead. Agrello is a platform for smart contracts that aims to transform the world while binding documents legally. The Agrello coin (DLT) is a cryptocurrency platform based on standards of Ethereum. Agrello has developed an AI-powered interface that has made it easy for users to create and manage smart-contract agreements, engaging AI counselors.

How Does DLT Work?

Agrello works without any coding or legal expertise which aims to help facilitate its adoption.

Step 1: First, you create a document by drawing up an agreement with the help of simple graphical interface, templates, and wizards. The agreement will be transferred to Agrello’s smart agreement.

Step 2: Secondly, you can share your document by inviting as many parties as necessary to have a view of the document and sign in digitally.

Step 3: You may then sign in on any device and wait to be notified when the other parties are through their process of signing in.

Step 4: Finally, you get an overview of your contractual obligations, rights, and relationship.

They currently have two packages available for customers:

The Agrello is unique in that:

  • It is not a must that smart contract users be legal experts to create contracts that are sensible and legally bound.
  • It is powered by artificial intelligence BDI agent being used as a personal agent while using machine learning to manipulate smart contracts and help users through the legal processes. AI technology plays the role of passing important instructions, guidelines, and other information to users.

Problems solved by Agrello

There are several projects of cryptocurrency that focus on the use of smart contracts. Agrello has become an exciting project in the blockchain industry that is trying to solve the following problems

  • Bringing expansion of the application of smart contracts.
  • Enable the use the blockchain technology and smart contracts to help alter industries of digital currency.
  • Agrello is focused on enhancing legal technology by use of blockchain
  • Coming up with solutions that will make it easy for people to enter contracts over the years.

Agrello solves these problems by providing a graphical interface, templates, and wizards that permit the user to draft legally-binding multi-party contracts.

Who is behind Agrello?

Agrello is an Estonian company comprised of a team of blockchain professionals, IT experts, lawyers, information, and technologists. Estonia is one of the leading countries for digital legislation and government. Its founder and leader are Hando Rand, a researcher and IT expert at Tallinn University. The founders of Agrello came to realize that there was a need for something to be done so that legally enforceable smart contracts are created. There are also, other four members who are a team of developers at Agrello.

Challenges faced by Agrello

Agrello still faces challenges in that there are fewer skilled developers. Lack of training programs has left a gap in the project. Another problem faced by Agrello is that the transactions are slow, especially when transacting large amounts of digital currency. The value of the currency is lower as compared to other digital coin such as bitcoin, Ethereum among others implying that the company has to strengthen the value of Agrello coin.

In conclusion, Agrello is playing a significant role in upgrading the legal sector by use of blockchain. It is making the binding of smart contracts a reality. It is revolutionizing how smart contracts are created, and despite many challenges, Agrello still holds so much for the future in the global legal sector and the cryptocurrency market.

Price Analysis:

On April 1st Agrello made an impressive run up of about 880%, which is when it came up on my radar. Since then it has given back around 75% of it’s gains which is typical after a run up of that nature. If the market conditions weren’t as they are now (High Risk) I would be interested in finding a position in this coin. As it stands currently Agrello is in a downtrend, we would need to see a break of that for any kind of positive turn around to be considered.

There are two possible scenarios we could see here:

Scenario 1:  We break the bottom sending this coin lower, this has happened with many other coins.

Scenario 2: We hold the bottom and continue side-ways. Currently THETA is in a similar position, only time will tell whether they will be able to hold the bottom.

The reason why altcoins are at high risk is because Bitcoin has made an unsustainable parabolic run up. If Bitcoin decides to dump then we will see the altcoins take another beating, which means bottoms will break. The best course of action in my opinion is to let the price action speak for itself, often waiting is the best strategy.

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