ICON (ICX) Consensus 2019 (Crypto)

In about a month from now Consensus 2019 will be taking place, there will be a few coins that will be attending and ICON happens to be one of them. Historically speaking, Consensus has been a time when the cryptocurrency market rally to the upside and I am expecting something similar to happen this year. ICON currently sits at around 0.0000692 Sats at the time of writing this article, I am expecting a low of 0.000062 and possibly even as low as 0.000050 before it begins to blast off to the upside.

As we begin to make our way down, I plan on building a long term position with ICX all the way back to previous highs and hopefully higher. Right now I’ve got a couple of targets for the short term. I’ve split it up into three different possible targets and a more extreme (Target 4). It’s important to keep in mind that the further the target the less chance there is to get it, that is until the candles are printed and I’m able to assess what kind of volume is coming in as well as the reaction the candles are giving. Below you can see the targets that I’ve laid out.

As for now we still need some positive price action accompanied with some volume before we see ICX turn around. I’ll be updating my thoughts on ICX in the future and if some of you are interested in a video version of this I’ve posted a video up on YouTube!

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