What is DeepBrain Chain? (DBC)

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies a decade ago, thousands of these platforms have been developed and each one seeking to either offer solutions to an existing problem or make an industry or an existing solution more efficient. When it comes to cryptocurrencies and the amazing blockchain technology, there’s actually no innovative technology that cannot be developed and launched. A number of companies are currently seeking to incorporate innovative technologies to make things more efficient. Interestingly, one of these few companies is DeepBrain Chain. This project is combining the positives of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to create a new and efficient computing system.

Problems Of Artificial Intelligence Products

Generally, AI products would have to regularly train models by the help of neural calculations, and there’s every need for the data training process to consume a considerably larger amount of computing power. This definitely means that the training would have to take more time than usual. Things could go from bad to worse if there are incorrect parameters in the training process. This would mean that the training would take a longer period of time.

With these things occurring, manufacturers and companies would have to invest huge funds in the purchase of FPGA, GPU, and other hardware resources. The problem here is that as the demand for these hardware resources (FPGA and GPU) continue to rise, so does the price, thus, making it inaccessible to small and medium-sized companies.

Another problem that all AI players have had to deal with is that of lack of privacy and trust in the system. There’s no separation of data usage and ownership, and this makes the data to be shared accessible to all. Also, data providers do not fully trust data users to share with them training data.

Overview Of The DeepBrain Chain Project  

Type Of Token; NEP-5

Token Symbol; DBC

Hardcap; $12 million or 30,000 ETH (total amount of cash the project’s crowdsale will receive)

Total Coin Supply; 10,000,000,000 (10 billion)

Launch Date; April 2017

Developer/ CEO; He Yong

What Is DeepBrain Chain?

Basically, DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing platform that has been developed with the intent of solving some of the problems that small and medium-sized companies have had to deal with when it comes to computing resources. This new project has been developed specifically for Artificial Intelligence products and enterprises.

Most people have also referred to this project as a neural network that seeks to leverage on artificial intelligence on the blockchain technology by creating a decentralized, private, and low-cost computing platform for all artificial intelligence products.

How DeepBrain Chain Works

With this project seeking to leverage the blockchain technology, it would offer a decentralized and private artificial intelligence computing platform. One of the main priorities of this project is the separation of data ownership and its usage through the blockchain technology.

This project has been developed in such a way that the neural networks of artificial intelligence are capable of being distributed and decentralized to reduce the cost through the help of blockchain technology. With the blockchain technology, the project seeks to drastically reduce the charge of traditional computing platforms from 100% to less than 50%. While leveraging blockchain technology, the project is also taking advantage of smart contracts to separate the data trainer and data provider, thus, protecting the privacy of data. With smart contracts handling the separation of data, the lack of trust that prevents data providers from willingly sharing data for training is eliminated.

To maximize the participation of each artificial intelligence player or product, the DeepBrain Chain coin otherwise referred to as “DBC” would be used as the universal token on the network. All participants on the network ranging from computing power providers to universities, small and medium scale businesses, individuals, data providers, financial institutes and others would have to make use of the DBC token.

Features Of The DeepBrain Chain Project

  • Low-cost computing; one of the main features of this project is the reduction in the cost of computing hardware. With the price of computing resources increasing daily because of the demand, it has become inaccessible to small and medium companies that are unable to spend such a huge amount of money on these resources. The DeepBrain Chain project seeks to offer them a low-cost, decentralized, distributed, and private artificial intelligence computing platform.
  • It is a highly concurrent project; this project makes use of one of the most unique and technologies Load Balancing Technology. This technology offers nodes on the network the opportunity to cooperate on a deeper level with each other with the aim being to share concurrent pressure.
  • Privacy; this project has made privacy one of its main priorities. With the help of smart contracts, DeepBrain Chain is able to separate the ownership of data from the usage of data. This does not only make data private, but it also eliminates trust issues that existed between data providers and data users.
  • It offers fast computing; generally, the frequency at peak hours is about ten times or more than non-peak hours when compared together. One of the most interesting features of the DeepBrain Chain project is that it is capable of adjusting and readjusting itself automatically. This is done by super-fast replication of a number of idle nodes at peak hours.
  • Presence of mining nodes; like most of the other cryptocurrency networks, mining nodes on the DeepBrain Chain network are responsible for processing transactions on the network. On the DeepBrain Chain network, these nodes are able to earn income in two ways; rewards for mining from the system and all AI processing fees that are paid for companies in exchange for a volume of computing power.

Pros And Con Of The DeepBrain Chain Project


  • It is a working product. Over a thousand semantic skills have been offered.
  • It has potentials of growing as it is under the radar of Western investors.
  • It is a unique project
  • It seeks to make AI products more efficient
  • Developed to help small and medium scale businesses.


  • The individual cap is too high (the amount of DBC tokens each investor is expected to buy).
  • The total supply of 10 billion coins may scare off investors
  • The project is not widely known.

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