Welcome to My Crypto Journal. Here you will find documentation of my trades, coin fundamentals & thoughts on the market. This journal serves as a way for me to learn from my mistakes and grow as a trader.

My blog will feature my thoughts on certain trades and why I like them as well as price projections. I also have a YouTube channel for those who enjoy information in a video format, and finally I do post regularly on Twitter. You will find the links to my social media at the bottom of the page.

I post once a week on Tuesdays.

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Disclaimer: In no way is my information considered financial advice, my website is used as a tool to document trades so that I can share my trading experience with those who wish to be a part of it. 


Enigma Review – Revolutionizing Data

The introduction of Bitcoin and other blockchain-based projects have ushered in a new age of decentralized architecture. However, the intense verification and the public nature of blockchain technology have also limited its potential use cases. The current design cannot handle privacy at all when it comes to handling private data. Of all the decentralized computation …

Tezos Review – The Self Evolving Protocol

Blockchain technology has started to come to the forefront of many global industries at the moment. Projects such as Ethereum have pushed the boundaries when it comes to smart contract usage and blockchain technology. However, a string of newer projects has also emerged, challenging Ethereum’s position. One such project is Tezos, aimed at presenting a …

About Me

I happened to stumble across cryptocurrencies (specifically Ripple) back in 2017, I got involved with trading some alt coins and have been hooked ever since. I threw some money at Bitcoin and made a lot of money off of it like most people did back then but… I also lost most of it after the dust settled back in early 2018. I guess the saying is true “Easy come, easy go.”

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